BTC in the mainstream: New bitcoin vouchers coming

BTC in the mainstream: New bitcoin vouchers available now

Buying Bitcoin doesn’t have to be complicated. A new Bitcoin voucher allows even the less tech-savvy to get into digital gold.

Bitcoiners looking to convert their friends and family members into „hodlers“ have a new way to make digital gold palatable to their Bitcoin System loved ones. Blockchain-savvy Munich-based bank von der Heydt is collaborating with CGift AG to offer crypto gift cards. This emerges from a press release that BTC-ECHO has received. According to the press release, digital bitcoin vouchers have been available for purchase on the CGift AG website since 16 March.

So far, less than 5% of Germans use and own cryptocurrencies, although interest in them is steadily increasing. […] With our crypto gift card, we now offer a simple and secure solution to anchor cryptocurrencies in the middle of society through the established format of a gift card,

CGift CEO Gunnar Binder comments on the new product.

Bitcoin vouchers: not an anonymous affair

Those who now think that bitcoin vouchers enable the anonymous purchase of BTC are wrong: as with a regular bitcoin broker, there is also an identification requirement before the initial purchase of crypto vouchers. Users are identified via a video-ident procedure. On the review portal Trustpilot, users are pleased with the quick identification and the smooth process of buying vouchers, which can be done via instant bank transfer or credit card.

Various fees apply when buying and paying out Bitcoin vouchers. On the one hand, there is a processing fee of two percent of the purchase amount. A fee of 4 percent is charged for redeeming the voucher. In addition, users also have the option of selling their BTC at CGift. A redemption fee of 3 per cent is charged for this.