See two recommended stock portfolios for the week

All major market brokers publish reports to recommended portfolio investors.

In addition, the portfolios have several types of focus such as shares, dividends, small caps and others that can still be divided weekly or monthly.

Below, check with the Investor Guide the recommended stock portfolios of Nova Futura and Necton brokers for the week.

Necton Investments

According to a new report to the Necton market, the brokerage house made two changes to last week’s portfolio.

The broker made the withdrawal of Via Varejo (VVAR3) and Bradesco (BBDC4) papers and included the shares of Tupy (TUPY3) and C&A (CEAB3).
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The portfolio recommended by Necton Investimentos this week has the following composition:

  • Ticker Companies
  • C&A CEAB3
  • Even EVEN3
  • Grandene GRND3
  • Suzano SUZB3
  • Tupy TUPY3
  • New Future Investments

Nova Futura has opted for five new shares for its portfolio of the week, according to its new report.

The broker added to the portfolio the shares of AES Tietê (TIET11), Equatorial (EQTL3), Itaú Unibanco (ITUB4), Lojas Americanas (LAME4) and São Martinho (SMTO3).

  • The weekly portfolio indicated by Nova Futura was composed as follows:
  • Ticker Companies
  • AES Tietê TIET11
  • Equatorial EQTL3
  • Itaú Unibanco ITUB4
  • Lojas Americanas LAME4
  • Saint Martin SMTO3

How are these portfolios made?

The idea of the brokerage houses is to build a portfolio with the most suitable assets for the weekly cycle. Based on their analysis and projections, the team of analysts assembles and updates new reports to investors once a week.

In addition, the most common are portfolios containing 5 shares, but this is not a rule and there may be variations of up to 10 papers.

The weight, that is, the distribution of stocks in the portfolio is the same for all. In case a recommended portfolio has 5 shares, each one will weigh 20%, while a portfolio of 10 shares, each one will weigh 10%. On the other hand, if the brokerage company does not make equal weights, it highlights this for investors‘ understanding.

To understand if the portfolio did well, it is compared with a reference index. For stocks cases, the index is the Ibovespa, where the performance is compared in better or worse than the performance of this benchmark. Finally, before making the investments in the recommendations, it is important to raise data and search information of the most updated news to make the best decision.